An Misting System Uses Mosquito Repellent

July 20,2022
The new misting systems can help rid your outdoor backyard party area of mosquitos and other biting bugs. Finally an answer to the relentless mosquito bites. After completing the perfect backyard landscape or decking of a new pool, you find the biting insects all but own your yard. Today, you do have one realistic choice an automated misting system. To employ the best mosquito repellent, install a misting system that uses a safe insecticide for repelling mosquitoes.

After installing the system, the operation is as simple as an inground automated lawn sprinkler system. Make a schedule that for when you want it to spray, then program the times for each cycle to run. You can also set the length of time it should spray for each cycle. Of course, you can adjust the misting system to run at special times in case you have family and friends visiting. Override the basic schedule with an early spray and you are already for visitors.

The misting system is quite simple, yet highly effective. The 1/4 inch tubing used to pump the insecticide is unobtrusive. It is typically mounted under the eave of the house, on or along the fence and can be routed through the flower beds for maximum efficiency. With fine misting nozzles mounted along the tubing at eight to ten even fifteen feet intervals, your yard and desired outdoor area should be sufficiently protected from biting insects.

For a bug free yard, consider a mosquito repellent misting system. In fact, the typical insecticide used in these automated outdoor spraying systems is Pyrethrum, which is known to repel more than just mosquitos. It repels most biting bugs. The safe Pyrethrum is EPA registered and quickly sends bugs scurrying off.

Before buying an automated mosquito misting system, be sure to get a system with a strong pump and motor combination and sprayers with no drip valves. Check into stainless steel or even nickel plated misting nozzles to extend the life of your system. Ask to be sure, but most reputable dealers offer very good warranties with full professional installations.